Energy efficient solutions for more sustainabilty.
We are Riedel Kooling.

Since our foundation, we have placed climate protection and efficiency at the center of our daily work. The demand for cooling solutions is growing by an average of 4 to 5 percent every year. At the same time, more than 15 percent of the world’s total primary energy is already used for cooling. That corresponds to more than 8 percent of global CO2 emissions.

With our efficient cooling solutions, we make a significant contribution to climate protection every day.

Riedel Kooling Euroblech Sustainable Cooling

Facing climate change with future oriented, innovative product concepts. That is our task. Because the worldwide energy consumption is increasing. And around half of the energy consumption is for heating and cooling. We therefore develop & produce solutions that are environmentally friendly, as well as efficient.

Less energy costs, more system: From the exact needs analysis to planning, installation and maintenance – we transform individual cooling systems into highly efficient and future-proof cooling systems.

Cooling is a crucial production factor. If everything is well cooled, production runs smoothly. The Riedel Kooling series are ideally suited for these tasks and a perfect basis. Depending on the application, our engineers develop tailor-made solutions.

Our service doesn’t stop with the delivery and commissioning of your new product. With our special maintenance packages, we ensure that our cooling systems run smoothly even after many years.

Riedel Kooling is part of the Glen Dimplex Group, which operates worldwide. We have developed a global competence network in the form of our Precision Cooling division, with locations in Germany, USA and China. At these locations, we develop and produce intelligent system solutions for high precision machinery and process cooling.

New machines & processes as well as innovation & growth have one thing in common – acquisition and implementation require a high level of capital. With our pay-per-use financing, we support you in the realization.