When do you benefit from the pay-per-use concept?

For modernization.
E.g. replacement of an older chiller against a new one.

Increase in production capacity.
E.g. acquisition of new, additional machines.

With varying production utilization of the machines.

How does it work? 


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Why do you benefit from it? 

Faster investment decisions and optimization of liquidity.

New machines and systems as well as innovations and growth have one thing in common – acquisition and implementation require a high capital requirement. With pay-per-use financing, we support you in your project.

Flexibility in repayment due to usage-based data.

The productivity of the machine used is measured in real time and the data transmitted to the platform is the basis for the repayment rates. Thus, the payment is always based on the use or the cooling capacity provided.

Ongoing monitoring of the plants and documentation of the use.

The platform enables you to keep an accurate record of usage through the data connection. In the long term, you benefit from the optimization of utilization processes as well as the documentation of maintenance and repair intervals.

For more sustainability & climate protection.

With our pay per use concept you only pay for the cooling service you need exactly. If you no longer need our cooling capacity in the future, we will give your cooling unit a “second live”. This means that our high-quality coolers remain in use for a particularly long time. “Disposal” is thus a thing of the past.

In 3 steps to your pay-per-use offer:  



Tell us about your



We calculate your
pay-per-use offer.



We discuss all necessary steps for implementation.